MOTHERHOOD: How to engage the male child in house chores

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Motherhood is a big deal – from being a mother to your children to being a wife to your partner. You are the sole caregiver of your family. You cook, clean, shop, nurture the kids and meet your partner’s needs too. We can’t deny the fact that it is a heavy burden on us as women to take care of our families, mostly at the detriment of our physical and mental health.

In our cultural setting, women are mostly the ones in charge of domestic chores. Some see it as a taboo for men to engage in certain responsibilities at home. We have defined gender roles and these roles rule our lives. We have roles both men and women play and it is even depicted in the way we raise our children. It’s the 21st Century and both men and women are playing roles in contributing to the development of their communities. It’s about time we unlearn some of these toxic narratives.

Even though women sometimes do all these chores without complaining, there are times we wish our partners share in the chores too. But you know change starts with us. Are we raising our young boys like their fathers were raised?


  1. House Chores help teach life skills.
    As a parent, what you should always bear in mind is the fact that your children will not always be by your side. They will grow soon and leave your guidance and watch. Household chores will help teach your young boys life skills like taking care of themselves and the people around them. If you engage your young sons in house chores, they’ll grow up to be men who will cater for themselves when no one is available to do that for them. Because at the end of the day, they are the ones responsible for taking care of themselves.
  2. House Chores help children learn responsibility and self reliance.
    When you engage your children in house chores, you are making responsible and self reliant adults. It is not surprising that lots of men have to depend on women to do basically everything for them. And this is one of the reasons why some men marry. When you engage your children in house chores, you make them responsible for themselves. They do not need to rely on other people to take care of their needs.
  3. House chores improve planning and time management skills. Everything in life depends on time. There’s time for everything. When kids are engaged in house chores, they learn how to plan and manage their time. They’ll learn when and how to do specific stuff concerning them.

But then, how do we get the children to do house chores? The following are some tips we can benefit from :

  1. Start early: Children start to learn at a very tender age. By age three, your child can start little chores like picking up their play toys, socks and shoes and putting them at their right place, of course with your guidance. When you are organized, they tend to also copy from you. So you’ll find them copying from such an early stage.
  2. Offer Praise: When you assign chores to your young boys, offer praise to them. Don’t wait till they are done with a chore before you praise them. Remember we all need encouragement and motivation in our lives and our sons are not exceptions. Praise and encourage the child while they are doing the chores and it’ll get them to do it well and even happily.
  3. Make it a game: Children like to play, and turning chores into games can actually get them interested and engaged. Create games around chores and see your boys get involved.
  4. Allowance for chores: It may not sound like a good idea, but tipping your kids after they perform house chores may be necessary. It may not be in the form of money, it can be in the form of gifts. You can stop at a point where they get used to doing chores, but since they are young and you want to instill some hardwork in them, it won’t be a bad idea after all.
  5. Do it together: Children like to copy from the adults close to them, especially their parents. In order to get your son

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