Motherhood and career – how COVID-19 brought everything to a standstill

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The year 2019 was a good one for me alhamdulillah (we thank God). When it ended, I was more than happy to usher in a new one. With the hope that, the abundant grace I had enjoyed will continue in 2020. As usual, I made several plans joining in the usual cliche of “new year, new me” shenanigans. Boy was I wrong! As a young mother of two boys both under the age of three with a budding career in journalism, having my schedule disrupted even slightly becomes chaotic.

Motherhood is bliss that I don’t deny, one I’m eternally grateful for. I sometimes feel no one prepared me for the tremendous amount of work it requires. From doing every and anything I wanted at my own pace to having to schedule anything I had to do either personally or professionally around my kids. It’s not an easy change, one that requires taking each day at a time. I guess in our part of the world, one would have to be thankful for the support system we have in the form of external family members. Which in my case is my mother who greatly helps me in raising my kids. Usually, all I had to do was get my first born son ready for school, drop him off and then get to work before nine o’clock. Whiles she stayed back to take care of my younger one at home. Like any other career path one chooses, it would require devoting time and effort, journalism is no different. Your day usually begins early in the morning and can end quite late in the day. I heaved a sigh of relief when my first born was old enough to start school. My mind was at ease knowing he was in safe hands while relieving my mum of the burden of taking care of both of them at a time with me being gone for long hours a day.

Safe to say, since COVID-19 came things have greatly changed. I don’t need to bore you with the happenings in Ghana since we recorded our first case. Like most parents, I have had to rethink most of the plans I made at the beginning of the year. Especially with regard to my kids.
With schools closed with no idea of when it’ll open, I have had to forego certain career decisions I had intended to embark on in order to catapult myself to another level in order to cater to the wellbeing of my children.

With my husband out of town, the onus now lies on me to be both mother and father for now which has its on toll.

Before COVID-19, I could more than easily juggle my work as a reporter, a mother, and still have a little time to dedicate to my other job as a media consultant for an organization that mainly required my work to be online. But now with both my kids home, I have had to dedicate more time to that which initially was intended as a side hustle and less time to my active field reporting.

We are not in normal times as the President reiterated. Most of us have had to alter our lives drastically. Aside from the economic impact coronavirus has had on many, the fear and anxiety of trying not to contract the virus is heightened when you have toddlers, as you constantly worry about their safety while trying to keep your sanity. A common feature on social media platforms when the lockdown was enforced and the subsequent closure of schools was seeing parents whine about having their kids home full time. You’d think because we birthed them, taking care of them should be easy-breezy for us, apparently, it is not. Kudos to all the tenacious teachers who become substitute parents to our wards when we are away. Indeed your reward is in heaven. With our case counts rising every day, the glimmer of hope I had of going back to my usual routine soon seems to be diminishing. As long as we are alive, we can still hope for the best right?