Lockdown, an unexpected hitch

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When I set out to start my year, I never anticipated a Lockdown. As a master teacher trainer with Plan international, my day often included lesson delivery and review of lesson plans.

Alas! Desperate times calls for desperate measures. A pandemic that has killed millions in our lifetime has called for a Lockdown of offices, businesses and has disrupted the lives of many in the process.

This lockdown has been a difficult period for everyone; today you are all over town and the next minute, you are locked up in your house because of a virus that can wipe out the whole of mankind.

The virus has pulled all of us away from our usual routine and has us stuck in our houses for weeks on end. Parents are saddled with extra work, as some need to work from home in addition to taking care of their kids due to the indefinite close down of schools.

We all need proper planning to be able to create some semblance of balance.

As a long-term planner, my schedule is affected when unforeseen circumstances disrupt my plans. Covid-19 and lockdown are such unforseen circumstances.

But in all we say Alhamdulillah because it has offered us another opportunity to have a family bonding time.

The first week of the lockdown was mainly spent resting before we strategized and developed a schedule to help me meet work and school timelines.

The Mornings are for my husband, as he gets the kids ready for the day (bathing, breakfast and watching their favourite cartoon channel).

For afternoons, I prepare lunch and have some little teaching time with the kids. (Scribbling, rhythms and dancing) Some of this time is spent on digital learning and because the kids are toddlers, most of these activities are child led ones as you can’t have them follow a strict routine.

During late afternoon, I allow them to do some outdoor plays and exercise (Both parents) Football, riding bicycles or being in a basin of water with their toys (they call it swimming time).

For the evening time, which is mummy’s time. This is the time I use to do some official tasks and meet some deadlines. But as and when I have a meeting to attend during the day, daddy occupies the kids to give me absolute concentration.

The cycle continues like that, it’s tough but fun, we’ve decided to take it a day at a time.

In these uncommon times, it is imperative for families to observe the social distancing protocols and stay within their compounds to stop the virus from spreading. Wash hands regularly and observe all the precautionary measures from the government to help us flatten the curve.
May we come out of this healthy and alive.

Suwaida Abdul Aziz is a mother and a career Woman who is currently affected by the lockdown.

Fearured photo credit: Suwaida Abdul Aziz