How to manage your time to still make the kids happy at home

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There is no specific time for me to wake up in the morning as a mother. It all depends on the time one of my children wakes up. As usual, they come with their first request – breakfast. One has no option than to wake up and see to their needs regardless of the fact that you’re worn-out due to previous day’s activities.

Waking up in the morning to have a “me time” becomes almost impossible . Once our little bosses are awake, the new day begins for us. The situation is compounded with them at home all day due to the lockdown in parts of the country. Hitherto, we could go to work and come back while they go to school , but now it’s just us and them.

How do you manage your hours while still trying to meet deadlines? This is why has come up with some ideas to aid you. Personally, once the kids go to sleep, I feel so tired that I cannot do anything for myself till I hear them waking me up as early as 4:30 am or when I hear the Azan (the Muslims call to prayer).

But then I thought, how about managing our time and theirs so well so we each get a little time to ourselves?

These are some ideas we wanted to run by you to help us during this social distancing.

  1. What time do you wake up?

We figured that, to make life easier for yourself, you need to wake up a little earlier than your children so you can have sometime for “You”. Waking up a little earlier than the kids will give you some ample time for yourself. This is good time to do some workout, freshen up, do some house chores, and probably have some time to relax if they are still asleep. From my personal experience, I’ve realised that, sometimes you get so involved in managing the kids’ lives that you might miss a lot on yours.

Having a schedule for your kids will go a long way to help you manage them as well as get some time for yourself.

2. Do you have a schedule for the kids?

Dividing the hours of the day into subcategories and abiding by it, will help you make efficient use of your time.

For instance, your older kids can read their books at that time and the younger ones can learn using YouTube kids. Kindly refer to our previous post on suggestions we made on Apps kids in preschool can learn with. With the kids being engaged, you get time to catch up on some office work, or probably do some personal readings.

3. What of their TV time?

Yes TV time is very important, as the saying goes, all work without play make… a dull boy. It is always good for the kids to catch some fun at home and watching TV is a perfect way for your kids to catch some fun. Kids love Disney even some of us adults still do. A well regulated TV time for the kids is perfect for you to catch up on yourself since most kids hardly blink when they are indulged with the TV. Apart from Disney, you can also allow them watch movies for their age

Let’s talk Play time

We are not all about distancing yourself from the kids.
Play time is perfect for you to spend some time with the kids. You can organize fun games such as hide and seek, puzzles, family photo game , sorting colors , reading of stories to them among others.

Try as much as possible to stick to your usual routine.

Do the kids have a particular bed time? Has that changed now because of the time they do home? How is that being managed? Don’t forget that a lot of things have changed and probably might affect their sleeping time. This is because they will over work themselves and sleep a little earlier. So what it means is that you also have to sleep as soon as they asleep so your body can get enough rest. Don’t forget a well rested body is a healthy body.

Try as much as possible to not change the children’s sleep time since the lock down and social distancing won’t be lasting for a long time.

Don’t forget the protocols, continue staying at home. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizers and stay home

Be safe!

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