How GhC10 built an entrepreneur’s cosmetic dream; the story of Rubaba Sule-Braimah

“What we love doing is oftentimes a solution to someone’s problem”.

Rubaba Sule-Braimah is a young Ghanaian entrepreneur living her dream after going through a lot of struggles to make it in life.

The University of Ghana graduate is working to create a strong brand for herself in the cosmetic industry. The soft-spoken and outgoing personality is passionate about providing safe beauty products with little or no chemicals to consumers home and abroad.

Ruba, as her friends affectionately call her, studied psychology, philosophy and classics at Ghana’s premier university.

From school, Ruba had many dreams. She said at one point in her life, she wanted to be a lawyer, then an architect, then the owner of a salon among other dreams. “I just couldn’t wait to go into the job market and gain my independence”, Ruba said in a chat with

She mentioned that her passion for entrepreneurship didn’t start in recent times. She was already into retail business with the sale of products like jewelry, clothes and a lot more. Ruba is also a product of the survival of the fittest – she once sold paraphernalia during the 2006 World Cup and again sold Sobolo and coconut ice cream during her time in Junior High School.

After University, all graduate Ghanaians are expected to undertake a mandatory national service. Miss Ruba was posted to surfline. Even though she’s been entrepreneurial from a younger age, she draws her inspiration from her mother and aunt who themselves are entrepreneurs.

“My passion for entrepreneurship came from my mum who had her tailoring business and my aunt who owned a salon,” she said.

She mentioned, however, that she used just GhC10 to produce her first homemade coconut oil.

It was just to test the market as Rub aexplains. Developing natural remedies was something she already loved. After paying close attention to the labels of products and realizing the chemicals that are used to preserve these products and heal skin conditions, she realized that some of these products were very harmful. She therefore decided to produce homemade recipes with little or no chemicals for the skin and hair.

Describing a typical day for her business, Ruba noted after observing her dawn prayers, she starts work by contacting suppliers, calling dispatch for deliveries, completing some reading assignment and meetings. The rest are just standard 9-5 business.

Starting business from scratch is not just about passion. You need to invest effort and time into it. Speaking about her family, she said they have been very supportive of her business by offering a hand when the need arises.

Speaking on her circle of friends, she said they’ve been very helpful in promoting her brand through word of mouth and sharing on social media. They’ve been really supportive of her business.

“My product is 100% homemade with a lot of love,” she added. A lot of care goes into the production process of these products.

She also indicated that all her products are 100% natural with the exception of body moisturizers and shampoo (and those are over 98% natural). In her line of production, she explains that she maintains proper hygiene techniques and best practices. She explained she believes in local producers like herself so she sources her produce from local farmers and business people.

“I believe that will aid our growth,” she noted.

Ruba is also using her business to support head potters also known as ‘kayaayei’ as they are her part-time workers.

Ruba’s dream is for her products to become household name. She is looking forward to the day she’ll start exporting them beyond the shores of Ghana.

Below are some of her products




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