HOUSE CHORES: Why you should outsource them

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Outsourcing house chores is the act of hiring others to be responsible for chores which could have been done internally. House chores are the most underrated acts which we do not realize consume much time and effort. Outsourcing house chores does not make you lazy, it only gives you time on your hands to do other things for yourself.

There are a lot of pressures women go through to make sure their homes are comfortable for their families sometimes at the detriment of taking care of themselves. Your family needs you alive and healthy. So whether you are a wife, mother or business owner, you’ll need to outsource some of your chores to keep strong and alive.

Here are some of the house chores you can outsource:

  1. Laundry (Dry Cleaning) – First, we all know how doing the laundry every other weekend is hectic. So if you can afford a washing machine, you should get one to save you all the stress of laundry, especially if you have children. And if you can’t afford one, just outsource the laundry to someone else. You can either have the person over at your residence to do it for you or take them away to get them done.
  2. Full House Cleaning (General Cleaning) – Full House Cleaning has to do with mopping, dusting, cleaning the entire house and we all agree that once in a while, we’ll need to deep clean our homes and declutter. Doing a full house cleaning takes an entire day which is going to leave you exhausted especially if you don’t have any help around. Hire people to help clean your home. This will take less hours as compared to you using an entire day all alone.
  3. Grocery Shopping – Groceries are what keep the home going – from food and general upkeep. Grocery Shopping is a chore which also requires time, effort and even traffic stress. Some of us like to do that on weekly basis and mostly monthly. However you do yours, you can hire someone to go shopping for you. All you need to do is to make a list. This is even good because it will prevent you from impulse buying if you go to shop on your own. This will also save you enough time and energy.
  4. School Transportation – If you are a busy mom, school transportation should be of interest to you. Transporting your children to and from school takes a lot of time except you work around where your children school. If your children’s school owns a school bus which transports children, you should go for it since it is easier and much safer. You can also get a trusted person to take that task up. In this era of kidnap, the person you hire should be introduced by you to your children’s school.
  5. Meals – Cooking is a big deal. And cooking breakfast, lunch and supper takes time and effort. Why not outsource your cooking too? You can hire someone to cook in bulk for you.
  6. Bookkeeping – In this era of paying bills online, there are still bills you need to pay in person like your child’s school fees. You can get someone to pay such bills while you get to do other stuff.

Outsourcing House chores is important because it’ll make you more relaxed and happy. You’ll have enough time to spend with your family and friends. You can also get more time to indulge in some self care. And also importantly, you’ll get to provide employment for others.

So dispel the guilt. Remember you can’t do it all alone. You need help and outsourcing your chores will give you the needed help and rest you need.

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