Covid-19: Five best apps for kids to take away lockdown boredom

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Lockdown makes life unbearable and extremely boring. Apart from those who experienced the coup d’etat eras which were characterized by curfews, majority of us are new to this sort of restrictions.

Therefore, life, especially staying indoors over a two-week period will be like living in solitary confinement. And for those with kids, it will be more challenging as you struggle to readjust your life. Don’t bother much. As we prepare for a lockdown, here are five picks from to help make life easier for you and the kids. The kids will not be missing some of their daily routine while you can try to meet deadlines.

Here are our picks…


Personally, this is a one stop app when it comes to giving my kids access to nursery rhymes, academic learning, crafts and play among others. Most importantly, I have access to control what the content my child sees on YouTube kids because they provide fun in a safe environment for children. In this period of self-imposed isolation, you can be sure to let your kids have access to YouTube kids to learn. You’ll need data for this app.


For our Muslim parents, these apps will provide your kids with knowledge about Islamic teachings and history. Lockdown or not, your kids need to have knowledge about Islam as part of their normal routine. These are great sites to learn the Quran and the teachings of the prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) through fun and interactive games.

2. Ali Huda


3. My ilm

THE ABC KIDS training and phonics is a prominent app for our kids in preschool. The app teaches the kids the English alphabet through fun ways.

4. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

Here’s the link:


KIDS NURSERY RHYMES as recommended by some parents when we spoke to them can also help in this era of lockdown. “I only allow my son access to kids rhyme for now. Ever since he started using the app, I’ve realized he doesn’t sit idle without singing poems and all that. Even when he’s playing he uses those rhymes to play so I think it’s a way of learning. It also helps with his dialect.”



Here’s is the link for download

Stay safe out there and stay home.

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