Colour combination ; what you should know

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Let’s talk fashion

My name is Zalia, I will be taking care of the fashion column of Let’s enjoy this journey together while I give you tips to stay classy and trendy.

Starting with being classy and elegant, you need to first start from within. Look, everyone can look the part, you can get the expensive attire, jewelry, shoes, etc. That will make u look classy or elegant or what have you, but I think none of that matters if you don’t behave in a classy manner. We need to start from within, be classy from within. I think the key to being classy is to carry yourself with confidence and with grace, be kind be respectful, and be polite to everyone.

Then comes what you wear, investing in good quality fabrics is key to a classy look. Synthetic fabrics such as jerseys, polyester and the rest just look tacky. You can instead invest in some good cotton fabrics, luckily, we have our beautiful African prints, like GTP, WOODIN, ATL etc., some linen, high-quality crepe. Yes, they are a little on the expensive side, but look on the bright side, it lasts longer and overall better investment.

Now let’s talk tailoring, it’s always the best way to go, you can buy an outfit that’s not a one size fits all, like kaftans, bubu, abaaya etc, and be okay, but buy a fitted dress in your size and you will see something is just not right somewhere, that’s where tailoring comes in. Get yourself a good tailor, that will always get you looking classy and elegant in a tailor made.

Colours! there are basic neutrals that are versatile, classy, and feel-good colors that in my opinion can never go wrong and I strongly believe everyone should have in their closet. That’s your beige, white, black, navy, and my favorite, off white. These always stay in style, they pair well, you can easily mix and match, and guess what, they are timeless.

How about what the eyes does not see, but it makes up the outfit you wearing? You guessed right, under garment. You need to invest in really good under garment, because it serves as a foundation, the right bra, and I know you will be thinking don’t say thong but trust me. Invest in a couple and thank me later. The big no no, which is dominant with many ladies, those leggings that keeps peeping under outfits, please stop, if you must, please get the short ones. Basically, choosing the right underwear is essential to a classy look. So please shop around to find the right under garments.

I’m not a makeup person, but I still have an opinion, less is always more, keep it simple to achieve that sophisticated look. Find the right and true match foundation, go light on the bronze and highlights. In fact sometimes, just a light foundation and a nice lip gloss is all you need.

Accessories, sometimes just a simple purse or clutch can bring the look together, or a pair of stud earrings, a beautiful scarf or veil is sometimes all you need for that elegant, classy look.

Lastly definitely not the least, hygiene. You may be thinking that this is a no mention point, but you will be surprised how much it needs mentioning. If you live in a hot and humid area, trust me three times a day shower is not asking for too much! Keeping your nails trimmed, your hair washed at least once a week, grooming at least once a week. As women we have a lot of areas that screams bacteria every time we sweat even a little bit, if you think the armpit is the only place, think again. Drowning in perfume doesn’t hide the stench, it just makes it worse. A well-dressed classy woman with a bad odor just doesn’t sit right, right? Right!

Until next time, stay classy, stay beautiful, stay elegant, most importantly, do it for yourself. XOXO.

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Story By: ZaQi