Check out six things you can surprise a new mum with on your visit.

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1- Detergents/Washing Soap

The new baby’s stuff must to be washed at all times and considering how tired the new parents are, stepping out to buy detergents all the time, will be another hurdle to cross.


New babies use diapers in excess, don’t forget to send a jumbo pack when visiting, and remember at least they will be needed for two years. 

3-Baby clothes

Most parents buy welcome dresses for the new-borns so be kind enough to send some new dresses to welcome the new addition. How about a set of five?


These are germs killing, disease prevention micro organisms used by new parents to disinfect their environments to prevent infection for the new baby. Hey, don’t forget to check on preferred brands of the mother.

5- Money

Money is very important in our everyday lives.  Supporting new mothers with money helps them to take care of some immediate needs.  Since they will be locked-up in the house taking care of newly born ones it’s important to bless a new mum with some good amount of money.

6- Breast pad 

It is one of the new mum’s essentials. Surprisingly, most mothers forget to include in their baby list. It helps in absorbing excess milk and protects her dresses from getting wet and stained. Getting her a breast pad makes you a lifesaver.

What do you think we forgot to add to our list? Do share with us in the comments section.

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