BEST WAYS TO ENGAGE IN SELF CARE; Without spending much.

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How often do you care about yourself? Are you often in the habit of always lending a hand to others and forgetting about yourself? Basically, you can’t care and love others more than yourself.

Self care is not all about the bubble baths and going on long walks. We can still engage in these and not feel amazing about ourselves. Self care comprises what’s within and outside us – mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. How are we taking care of ourselves mentally, spiritually and even physically? These are what make us humans, and as humans we are always striving to be the better and happier versions of ourselves. Self care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself.


WRITE IN A JOURNAL: Everyday we are overwhelmed by happenings around us and we don’t even make time to heal from these happenings. Keeping a journal helps in managing your anxiety. Write about what makes you anxious, unhappy, and disappointed. Write about things that make you happy. Also, practice gratitude intentionally. Write about what you are grateful for everyday. It can seem like a daunting task writing about things you are grateful for but it’s a good practice because it makes you focus on the positives of life rather than negatives. When we are grateful for the blessings in our lives, it’s difficult to concentrate on what we don’t have.

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BE POSITIVE: We are made to think the world around us is immersed in negatives and social media somehow affirms this notion. But the thing is, the world is not covered in just negatives. There are positives just as there are negatives. Focus on the positives in life. Naturally, what we focus on grows. Therefore if our focus is on the positives of life, those aspects will actually flourish. And if our focus is on the negatives of life, those aspects grow too. Truly, we can get overwhelmed sometimes, but the important thing is keeping positivity. Keeping positivity alive is a form of self care you should pay attention to.

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BE GRATEFUL: As mentioned in the first point, be intentional about gratitude. Whenever you begin to complain and whine about some happenings, take a pause and reflect on all the good things life has blessed you with. When you are grateful for your blessings, setbacks won’t easily pull you down. Be grateful.

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READ A BOOK: You may not be a reader but if you read social media posts, you should be able to read anything. Reading broadens our horizons and our thinking capacity. Find a book related to topics you are passionate about. They can either be in ebook versions or hard copies. You can even listen to audio books. Reading will not only make you more knowledgeable, it’ll make you feel good about yourself too.

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Whether you are a believer in religion or not, you certainly do practice some kind of spirituality. There are a lot of spiritual activities that can be self care for us. Personally, I love to listen to Islamic lectures from my favorite Muslim scholars. I find it calming and soothing for my spiritual wellbeing. No matter what you believe in, find activities that lift your mood up and make you feel great.


Physical self care is straight forward and this is by making sure the body is well nourished and happy.

TAKE A REST: You know you’ve been working all the time. You are always working – either at home or outside home. Take a rest. Create time for relaxation. Plan to take rests and you’ll feel energized for activities ahead. Take it easy on yourself. Just take a rest!

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TAKE A WALK: Get up and move your body. It’ll surprise you how a simple walk around the neighborhood can make you feel happy and energized. Apart from the fact that taking a walk is a form of exercise, it is also a form of self care activity you should incorporate into your routine.

DE-CLUTTER: Studies show that straightening out the physical aspects of your life can also bring clarity to the mental ones. All around us, we are covered by clutter; from the kitchen, to our wardrobes, to our working space. Once in a while, de clutter your surroundings. Take out all the unnecessary stuff from your space and see how it’ll make you feel lighter.

COOK YOUR FAVORITE MEAL: We all love food and it is no secret that food makes us all happy. If you are someone who loves to cook, this may be a self care tip you didn’t know.


GO OUT/CONNECT WITH PEOPLE: Going out has a beautiful way of putting us in the right mood. We all have places we love to visit. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be perfect. Find a place you love and go to these places with the people you love. You can go with friends, family or even alone. As long as it makes you happy, just do it.

These are some acts of self care you can engage in. Acts of self care are not a one way route for everyone. What may be self care to one person may not be self care to the other. Whatever yours is, find it and take time to engage in it. Take care of yourself. You matter!