BACK TO SCHOOL: The most important things your kids need in the new academic year

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In the olden days, sending your child to school wasn’t so much of a headache. Our parents needed just a ‘tror’ – sixpence (a coin worth six old pence, which was withdrawn in 1980) and ‘kpenjw3’ – consult an old Ga person for the meaning. 
Life was easy then and going to school with even a sack as a school bag was fashion and without shame. 

However, times have changed in our generation. It’s a new School year and parents are excited about their Wards moving into new classes. Although we are excited about the prospect this new year brings, let’s not forget the most important things our kids will need for school for the start of a successful academic journey. 
As a new parent sending your baby to school for the first time, you will need a new school bag, a lunch bag, a water bottle, black and brown shoes, uniform from school, socks (flower socks, normal socks), boxers for boys, and under nicker for girls. And don’t forget singlets for both sexes. 
About water bottles, don’t forget to sterilize them before usage. A story was related to me about a house help who was given a new bottle to wash, but forgot to remove the silicon before putting hot tea inside the bottle. The school only noticed the poisonous sack in the bottle after the sack’s content was consumed by the little child. Thank God the story turned out well. The baby is fine now. It’s important to make sure you remove the small silicon sack in a new product and keep it far away from children at all times.
The new lunch bowls you buy for the kids also need to be sterilized at all times. For parents whose kids are returning to continue a new year, it’s important to open the bags when they come back from school and inspect the contents of the bowls to be sure they are washed at all times. Open the bag to allow fresh air to go through them. For those whose wards schools don’t wash their lunch bowls, please insist on the bowls washed well before it is returned into the kid’s bag at all times. 
The shoes should be polished and kept tidy for the child to look smart at all times. We can be too busy sometimes but we can not overlook this basic details for our little ones. 
Since it’s the beginning of a new year, you should buy new singlets and under wears for the children. Don’t forget to get them some new socks too to complement their dressing, a new socks makes your child look beautiful in their dressing at all times.
Check their uniforms to see if they need new ones since the old one might be worn out, you should also mend it or send it to a tailor if it’s torn to make sure your ward is looking smart. 
You should wash the school bags and also try and get it mended if it’s torn somewhere, or buy a new one if you must.

For boys, give them a good hair cut and for your little girls; get them a beautiful braid to make them look smart for school. 
Parents must always keep an open line of communication with the school authorities on the needs of the child so there won’t be any miscommunication regarding the child’s needs at school.

When it comes to the provision of snacks, if the school does not provide a snack package, do your best to get the healthiest options for the child so the kids are well catered for health-wise.

When it comes to the menu, try your best to check on the menu so the children get to have a balanced meal. If you know the menu, it makes it easy to be able to give the kids balanced meals when they comeback from school.

What do you think we missed in our back to school list for new parents? Please share with us in the comments below.