ARE YOU READY?: Here are stuff you need at home for the Covid-19 lockdown

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We are not in normal times like the president said the last time in his address to the nation. Finally, we’ve reached the point – the president has called for a lockdown (Accra and Kumasi) – forcing parents to stay home with their kids.


How do we survive such a lockdown?

Any parent who stays at home with kids knows how important it is to stock food up because kids eat bits and pieces in a bid to stay healthy and fit.

These are some of the recommended foodstuffs we thought you’d need to get for the next two weeks while you stay at home.

Let’s start with foodstuff like Rice, Tin Tomatoes, Cooking Oil, Spaghetti, Spices, Green pepper (Kpakposhito) and Powered pepper, Salt, Sardine, Canned Tuna, Corned Beef, eggs, fruits & vegetable, Corn dough & Cassava dough (freeze), Groundnut paste, Kontomire (cook, portion & freeze), Fresh tomatoes (process & freeze or freeze whole), Gari, Beans (cook & freeze), Garden Eggs (cook & freeze), Onions, Smoked fish (freeze), Garlic & Ginger (chop up and freeze), Riped plantain (fry & freeze 😊), Yam, Fanti Kenkey, Nkulenu palm fruit* &Palm Oil, kokonte powder / neat* fufu.

What of children beverages such as Powdered milk, Tea, Milo,Cerelac, Vitamin Milk with other drinks with less sugar and packs of bottle water, sachet water and first aid kits with medicines like Vitamins C, Pain Killers, Multi vitamins.

For mothers who know how to bake, how about some flour and other baking essentials to provide the kids exciting cookies while under lock down

Have you bought electricity for your prepaid meter yet? What of water for your reservoir for areas that don’t have water, from the water company? For areas that don’t have bigger reservoirs, what of using the yellow gallons to store water so you don’t have to go out. Also remember to fill your gas cylinders, get some cash on you (since most ATMs have stopped working) and charcoal (in case of shortage).

We might be so busy and forget to buy some basic necessities for our homes like toothpaste, mouth wash, bathing soap, liquid soap, toilet roll, washing soap, laundry (tide, ariel, omo) Detergents – Dettol, savlon, methylated spirit, band aid, TCP, Gentian violet, gloves.

What did we miss? Drop it in the comment section.

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