A good way to buy yourself time as a parent in this COVID-19 Era

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I lost my job in 2017 ,that was the same time I had my second child. I started producing sobolo and Zookom( local millet drink) using my former office colleagues as my first customers. I continued to take orders from family and friends .I retailed products from some manufacturers to keep me going, basically a bit of this and a bit of that. I started working on getting myself a new job before the outbreak of Covid-19 have stalled progress,although I plan to juggle both jobs when I start, my personal business and my yet to be found new job. I am a firm believer of humans being capable of everything they put their minds to.

These past weeks of lockdown with the kids have been tough for most families, especially when you have kids with so much energy. I work from home, what this means is the kids are always with me, I see I’ve become so excited into telling my story without introducing myself. My name is Samira Atswei Adjetey, my husband is almost always away because of the kind of job he does, I have two kids who are 6 and 4 years old.

Samira and her daughters.

Just like any other sibling you come across, my older daughter is a little hyperactive, the small one seems unassuming but she can always pull a surprise on you. As a family we needed to put in place structures to ensure the kids stay at home isn’t boring. For this reason, their activity books like the Islamic activity books for kids, my first Quran with pictures, some Arabic writing books, some books on the prophets, and many more exciting Islamic books we use since we are Muslims.
There are a lot of activity books to keep them occupied because of their Saturday and Sunday Islamic School attendance(Madrasa)… There’s a time to play, and there’s time to learn. Most importantly, you cannot get anything done as you are too busy trying to keep an eye on the kids, the supervisory role.
When the partial lockdown took effect, I actually planned a schedule with a “Me time”, you know? that time you get to enjoy yourself? Well, that was me dreaming. It’s still a dream because I haven’t lived it yet since lockdown took effect.

The younger one wakes up a bit earlier than the older one. when they wake up they take breakfast and go back to watching TV, their school has a WhatsApp page for each class so you need to get on the page and access the class work then you find means of printing it out or whichever means is preferable to you.
They also have online madrasa (Islamic studies) during the weekends, with this, I still have to supervise them as it’s basically impossible for them to sit still.
Having an eye on the 24/7 has been very tough for me, so I had to come up with a plan, I decided to leave them to watch their cartoons alone, find myself a little corner to watch some Netflix and only come to them when it’s time for them to eat, After the first day I noticed that giving them a bit of freedom also gave me time for myself to relax and get some work done, I am also able to prepare all my meals with little or no interruption from them.

Samira’s daughters

Their routine has become, eating, watching cartoons, online classes and playing around and of course fighting and making up.
Now I’m a bit relaxed and it’s better than when it all started.
I believe every parent need to observe their kids find out their likes and dislikes and you will be able to come up with a solution that will help all of you cope in these difficult time. I have come to realize that, my kids love to be left alone to do their own thing, although it means I have to clean up every few minutes, I believe it’s good for them. They always come to me whenever they get tired of running around, or when they want something.